Marvel 5.05

The absolute 5+ meters R.I.B.

The absolute 5+ meters R.I.B. that combines pleasure and comfort with seaworthiness and safety. A R.I.B. that can be used for trips, spear fishing and as a tender to yachts with smaller console. This small R.I.B. handles good in rough weather conditions and it has an autonomy of 200 miles. It also can be easily pooled on a trailer by a passenger car.

Marvel 5.05 specifications

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    Tube material Hypalon Neoprene Pennel & Flippo Orca 1670 dtex
    Length o.a. 4.99 m
    Max beam 2.35 m
    Draft 0.60 m
    Persons capacity 7
    Tubes diameter 54 cm
    Dry weight without engines 360 kg
    Fuel tank capacity 180 lt
    Water tank capacity 80 lt
    Maximum installable power 150 hp outboard
    Minimum power 70 hp
    Recommended power 90 - 115 hp
    Homologation CE category C

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